engineon has created a Business Management system, designed as a governance tool, to support management, on the business processes management. The system is composed of various modules, aimed at managing specific processes or data families, where each module, individually or in a group, has the goal of improving the performance of individual processes, introducing various levels of automation, using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

engineon has made the system universal, capable of adapting to individual contexts and scenarios.

eoframework – Integration and Information Flow Management Platform

eoframework is a platform designed for the interaction of the various modules of the engineon suite and for integration with external systems, such as ERP, CRM, Health Information Systems, PBX, Social, Web, in compliance with specific industry standards, such as, for example, the HL7 standard for Health Information Systems.

eobrain – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Process Engines

eobrain is the set of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engines designed and developed with the aim of supporting the management of information flows within eoframework, enhancing the information exchanged and optimizing processes. eobrain consists of engines trained according to engineon proprietary algorithms, dedicated to the management of defined processes, and open engines, independent of the context, dedicated to the development of customized and specific solutions for each individual customer.

eobot – Dialog Automation

eobot is a Human – Machine interaction system which, through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLU (Natural Language Processing) technologies, is able to manage, by simulating the real presence of an operator, all the processes that require exchange and acquisition of information. eobot is a multichannel system, that is, through the use of multiple platforms, it allows the acquisition and exchange of information, such as voice via PBX / IVR, chatbot and social networks. eobot integrates Enterprise-class, multi-language, multi-tenant platforms and has graphical interfaces for training semantics and designing interaction flows.

eobot – Versatile Speech to Text System

eoscribe is the transcription service management system, designed and developed to make more efficient the audio or multimedia recordings conversion into text files. The system is designed to be used within your local network or through the Internet to allow the relocation of the service. eoscribe can provide the text in the main formats defined for subtitling (SRT, VTT) in order to make movies with subtitles synchronized with the audio.