We support the company for growth and change business, making our skills available in the areas of Technology Engineering, Administration, Finance and Control

ICT innovation

We constantly invest in the innovation of our products, using intelligent technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning. We invest in making products that can anticipate events


Our solutions are developed on a common communication and integration platform, able to connect with third-party systems. We govern processes to give value to data

Focus On

engineon has developed an innovative technological platform for processes automation.

engineon has developed a method of analysis, planning, design and business control. It is the result of continuous training, experience alongside customers and the use of the most innovative techniques such as Process Mining.

eoframework – process management platform

eoframework is a platform designed and developed for process management, capable of connecting and integrating external systems through the use of standard and non-standard protocols and interfaces, introducing AI engines for processing information flows and for human – machine and machine – machine interaction.

eoway – change management

eoway is the method of analysis, planning, design and control developed by engineon. Every solution follow the eoway model, implementing one or more phases. This approach guarantees a complete view of customers company, providing the tools to evaluate and decide the appropriate strategy and actions.